About Me

A.J. Cerna is an author, film-lover, and gamer. While his love will always exist for the Nintendo classics like Mario, Zelda, and Metroid, his big love of the medium came in the late-90s when he first played Final Fantasy VI for the first time (Though back then, it was released on SNES as Final Fantasy III), and so began his love affair with the JRPGs. He’s enjoyed the classics — from Lunar 2 to Chrono Cross — and he couldn’t be happier to see the genre re-emerging in a big way.

In addition to Djinn Tamer, A.J. is hard at work on a brand-new serial fantasy series called Specter Seekers, a South American-inspired series called City of Mages with author Kiersten Medina, and The Gryphon Outcast Trilogy, which is a follow-up series to co-writer Derek Alan Siddoway’s Gryphon Riders Trilogy. He’s also working on a new LitRPG series with Siddoway,